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Let Your Troubles Float Away…

A sensation of complete weightlessness

spa dry floatation

The Ultimate State of Tranquility


Experience the ultimate state of tranquillity in our state-of-the-art, dry flotation room.


Delight in a sensation of complete weightlessness as you relax on the mattress filled with warm water, while music pulses through the bed. It’s like a physical dreaming, unlike floating in an ocean or pool, where you need to contribute physically to staying afloat, this spa treatment allows you complete weightless relaxation. It is also said to enhance physical and mental health and well-being and has the same benefits as several hours of quality sleep.

To make your booking please call 01937 580 115 to speak to Day Spa Bookings.

Dry flotation experience is not suitable for those exceeding 6ft in height or weighing more than 17 stone. This experience is a non therapist treatment. Please contact our reservation team for further details.

£40.00 per person – 1/2 hour treatment