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Rasul Mud Room

Rasul Mud Spa Treatment

Traditional Arabian body bathing ritual

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A Traditional Arabian Body Bathing Ritual

The Rasul Mud Treatment is centuries old and is an traditional Arabian body bathing ritual. The treatment lasts for 30 minutes, and is arguably one of the most appealing spa treatments that you can have!

Once you are inside the chamber you will cover your body in glacial mud from the Austrian alps.


For a millennia the glacial snows have thawed and flowed down the mountains bringing this amazing mud full of mineral dust rich in quartz and mica which imparts its secret to the skin when applied. Don’t be surprised if you relax into the experience and loose all track of time during this process.

Towards the end of the experience the steam will disappear to be replaced by a warm rain shower, leaving your skin feeling deeply cleansed and beautifully soft when you emerge.


You will benefit from a complete top to toe treatment instead of just focusing on one area of your body. If you feel your skin needs some tender loving care, this is the perfect way to ensure that it gets just that. You can also be assured that your mind will benefit as much as your body. If you often feel harassed and stressed, this is the perfect way to let all those feelings go! Feel like you really want to get muddy! Then add an extra scoop of our Alpine mud for £3.00. For the total deluxe treatment, finish the body off in the traditional way of cleaning the body with natural sea salts infused with Peppermint or Wild Rose for £3.00


However, if you are looking to spend a valuable period of time with your partner or indeed a close friend, we can arrange to have the room privately for you at an additional charge.

This experience is a non therapist treatment.

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£40.00 per person – 1/2 hour treatment